Music Casework Storage

Designed for storage of musical instruments, uniforms, sheet music, and various accessories required for the music department of an educational facility.

  • Constructed for performance and durability
  • Doors are flush with the extended end panels
  • Solid laminate doors or wire grille doors
  • Cabinet body edges are 3mm PVC/ABS. Edge colors chosen from 56 LSI Standards
  • LSI ProtectorShield™ high-impact molded shelf system - available in white or black to match interior
  • Secure and vandal resistant
  • Five-knuckle Hinges
  • Easy-to-lock hasp

Construction & Security Features

  • Music cabinetry features an inset design with 3/4" construction, steel wire grille or solid door, and patented, vandal-resistant shelving. Standard widths: 21", 27", 36", 48". Standard heights: 38", 68", 84". Standard depths: 21", 31", 41".
  • LSI ProtectorShield™ Shelf System
  • So unique it's patented. Solid core offers continuous support for strength and rigidity. Color-thru, heavy-duty molding is permanently mounted to the core. Grooved surface and full-radius, 180º rounded nosing is impact-resistant and resilient. A heavy-duty horizontal tube supports load-bearing shelves in 36"- and 48"-wide cabinets. Metal channels lock shelf into place for high security, and provide continuous support front to back. The ProtectorShield™ shelf system is heavy-duty, tamper-proof, and gentle on instruments.
  • Door & Hasp System
  • Grille door is tamper-resistant, all-welded construction with white, epoxy coating throughout, with a single-bar keel at center of door. Solid door is 13/16" thick with 3mm, high-impact edging.
  • An 8" welded-wire pull mating to a heavy-gauge steel body plate offers a generous handle, simple padlock attachment, unbreakable parts, and ADA compliance. Number plate is located in the middle of the door vertically and 1" from the pull. Pre-numbered compartment ID cards are included.
  • The body plate is 4 1/8" x 1 1/2" extra-heavy, 12-gauge steel attached to the cabinet body with 4 industrial screws. Body plate projects beyond the cabinet body only 1". The door stop is molded and keeps the door from pushing into the cabinet. No moving parts. No adjustments required. Compatible with a wide range of padlocks. Made to last.
  • LSI Music Storage Systems are designed to perform ... built to last. Each product feature is designed to result in stronger, safer, and longer-lasting performance. We offer various heights and depths to complement teaching methods, provide functional needs, and maximize available space. Your music suite will offer user-friendly spaces with smooth traffic flow, security, and surveillance.
  • Instrument storage units are available in many compartment sizes to provide space for a variety of instruments. Cabinet doors for instrument storage are available in individual compartment sizes for individual access or full heights for multi-use public areas locked by the instructor. Doors are also available in solid laminate or wire grille options depending on need for maximum security or visibility and less acoustic disturbance.
  • Units are also available to house uniforms, robes, hats, gloves, flags, and music folios.

For assistance in planning the layout of your music suite, please contact your LSI dealer